Mission Statement:
About Lorelei, BedroomBondage.org,
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Why Did I Start This Site?

In 1997 I finally got access to the internet, and I almost instantly became a cyber junkie.  I loved being online -- sending email, reading and writing in forums, checking out chatrooms, and surfing websites.

After visiting quite a few bondage websites, I had a powerful itch to start one of my own.  I especially wanted to share my bondage diary and some of my personal bondage pics.

I was working for Close-Up at the time, and they let me have a page on their site.  I called the page "Kristine's Corner" (at the time I was still going by the a.k.a. of "Kristine Imboch".)

At first I loved having a place to share my personal pics and a few anecdotes, but it quickly became frustrating.  I could only change the page once a month, I couldn't control the web design (ugh!) and I could only put up a few items at a time.

More and more I wanted a real site with multiple pages so that I could post the diary.  What held me back was reading all the discussions about "bandwidth" and how much it cost to have a site.  (I didn't have any money for that kind of thing.)  I tried to make a little money by selling personal prints via email correspondences, but there were few buyers, bare profits, and the purchasers tended to scan the pics and upload them for everyone to see -- and then no one else wanted to buy the prints from me.

A lot of people in touch with me suggested that I start a site, but the financial aspect continued to hold me back until I got an email from a fellow with a paysite.  He explained that the start-up costs were not too bad, with only the occasional shoot he was able to keep his site updated, and the venture was making enough money to keep going.  He was certain I could do the same, and he convinced me to try it.

My Own Little Piece of Heaven

I picked the domain BedroomBondage.org and planned to open my site in December 1997.  Eric gave me a scanner as a present, Jon drew some illustrations to decorate my little site, and I started transcribing my diary into webpage format.  At the time I figured that if I put up new material several times a week and charged $10 per person, I would hopefully make enough money to pay the site's bills every month.

I had no idea how much time and effort it takes to keep a paysite going, but I found out fast.  It was quite the roller-coaster ride as the site took shape and went online.  Within a few months I was working like mad.  I was at Close-Up 40-50 hours a week and then spending nights and weekends on the site.  Came the day that I realized that the site had the potential to support me financially... and it was time to either commit to it completely, or quit the website before I collapsed of overwork.  So I gave notice at Close-Up.

By this point, my fantasy was to achieve a life where I could do bondage several days a week.  I hoped to spend my days tying up ladies to take pictures, and getting myself tied up for photos too.

I was naive.  Paysite owners spend most days at their desks -- doing digital image prepping, HTML, email correspondence, phone calls, paperwork, and dealing with website crises.

But I shouldn't complain  :)  This site has done well enough to support myself and my family...  and I still get to tie and photograph bondagettes once or twice a month.

Mission Statement

So by this point my Mission is:

1. To share my own feelings and experiences about bondage with other bondage people.

2. To have a site that has all the elements that I personally prefer when I'm surfing.  (I don't like sites with pop-ups, I don't like banners, I like free pics, I like to make contact with other people who are really into bondage, and I don't like trying to read text on black backgrounds.)

3. To give people a little bit of happiness, whether they're looking at the free pages or the member pages.

4. To give good service and good content to visitors and customers.


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