In general use the term means any restraint applied around, above, below and near the breasts. However, most self-described breast-bondage lovers are interested in restrictions placed directly on the breasts, or wrapped around the base of the breasts.

ballgagd.GIF (3158 bytes)BALLGAG
A high-fetish gag which usually consists of a red ball on a black leather strap.   Keeps the mouth open.  Safer than most gags since there is little danger of choking or air blockage.


cleavegg.GIF (3196 bytes)CLEAVE GAG
A gag which cleaves between the lips as it is wrapped around the head.

A collar worn without a leash is simply clothing or decoration. If the collar is attached to something that restricts movement, it is then regarded as bondage.

Some elements are referred to as "bondage" when they actually don't apply any restraint at all. For some bondage lovers, "cosmetics" are just as, or almost as, appealing as real restraint. Cosmetics may be for the pleasure of the viewer, or they may provide some kind of stimulation for the captive.

Rope or ropes tied to pass between the legs. If it's connected to other bondage (such as the wrists), it's restraint; if it's not connected to anything else, it's for stimulation or cosmetic reasons.

Cock & Ball Bondage. Some C&B restrains the cock so that it can't engorge and get hard. Other C&B is applied after engorgement, and plays a part in maintaining or trapping the erection.

detecgag.GIF (3308 bytes)DETECTIVE GAG
Also called the Overmouth Gag. A mostly cosmetic gag which covers the lower half of the face, from just below the nose down to the chin.

elbowb.JPG (6816 bytes)ELBOW-BONDAGE
Aficionados use this term for restraint which holds the elbows together, touching, behind the back -- a feat possible only with flexible, healthy captives. Term is sometimes loosely applied to any restraint which leashes the elbows toward each other.

Left ankle is bound to left thigh, right ankle is bound to right thigh. Wrists can be restrained various ways. The legs end up looking like "froglegs." An excellent sexual-access or breast-play position; not much good for spanking.

kitape1.gif (4066 bytes)GAG
Any item or technique which muffles mouth sound or interferes with articulation. If the item doesn't really interfere with speech, it's a cosmetic gag.

The term refers not to restraining the hair, but using the hair as a bondage material to restrain the head.

Wrists are crossed behind the back and pulled upward into the small of the back. Common in Japan, since Japanese women have broader torsos and are not as flexible for tying elbows together.

dori310s.JPG (7680 bytes)HANDCUFFS
Metal wrist restraints.  Cheap unsafe versions are available everywhere, so buy wisely.  Don't buy a brand that comes with a cloverleaf-head key -- those brands can jam when locked.  Look for better-made cuffs with pin-top keys.  They'll last a lifetime.

hogtie.GIF (5325 bytes)HOGTIE
Not the same as a rodeo hogtie. The human hogtie has the knees bent, with ankles connected to the upper body (usually the wrists). The hogtie is usually presented with the captive face down, but they can also be kneeling upright, as well as other variations.

Straitjackets, hospital-style straps and leather-cuffs for wrists, ankles and torso. When the term is more loosely applied, it can also refer to stocks and other historical governmental restraint.

No matter how long or how loose, a leash does restrict movement, so technically it is bondage. Can be a typical doggie leash of leather or chain, or even a rope leash. The neck is not the only part of the body that can be leashed. A leash can be attached to a wrist, the genitals, the waist, a piercing...

Folding the legs in a floor-sitting position, like Buddha. The ankles are wrapped together.

mummific.GIF (2990 bytes)MUMMIFICATION
Bondage which wraps and covers the majority of the body. Can be done with cloth bags, sleeves, tape, sheets, plastic wrap, etc.

Bondage technique which applies rope or twine in a net-like decoration over the torso. Very popular in Japan and in gay bondage.

singlglv.GIF (4045 bytes)SINGLE-GLOVE
Also called a singlesleeve or (incorrectly) an armsleeve.  Holds the arms behind the back.  A strict single-glove holds the arms so that they actually touch each other behind the back.


spreadea.JPG (10914 bytes)
Any position which extends the limbs away from the torso.
Classic Spread-Eagle: all four limbs separated, extending to four corners (usually on a bed).
Standing Spread-Eagle: same as above, only upright.
Eiffel Tower: legs are apart, but wrists are together above the head.

Item used to hold limbs apart, usually the ankles.

strappad.GIF (3980 bytes)STRAPPADO
Position where the wrists are pulled high up behind the back, causing the captive to bend forward. Applies a lot of stress to the back; more painful than it looks.

suspensn.gif (3512 bytes)SUSPENSION
Sometimes refers to any part of the body lifted off the ground, but really should only be used for bondage positions where the whole body is off the ground. Suspension by the wrists is very unnatural for the wrist-bones, is moderately to extremely painful, and is usually possible for only a short while.
Inverted Suspension: upside-down, by the ankles; can be done more comfortably, but adds extra risk since a fall would be on the head. The captive often gets a giddy, giggly head-rush.
Hammock suspension: wrists and ankles, with the unsupported torso sagging down in the middle like a hammock.
Breast suspension: supporting the body weight from the breasts can permanently injure the breasts; the only reason you see Japanese photos of this is because those men don't care whether they injure the captive. (Do you think a rational woman would want to string you up by only your balls?)